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Paris, the city of love. My experience, where do I start. Well, I guess I shall begin from the beginning.

Romance brought me to Paris, maybe that’s why they call it “The City of Love”.

Paris Sunset from the Louvre window

Paris Sunset from Le Louvre window

Travelling across France through Nîmes & Marseille, our stay in Montpellier, was all I ever needed to go to Paris. A reason, a reason to visit this amazing city, otherwise people would have thought I am crazy to actually love Paris this much when I haven’t even visited the city.

Our trip started with Marseille in Cote d’Azur, where one of my lovely friends, resides with her family. What a lucky girl to live around the coast and enjoy the sun the way it was meant to be. Haha, I come from a country where temperature rises up to 48 degrees so that is not the kind of sun one can enjoy, probably that’s why I liked being in Cote d’Azur. With the beaches and the smell of the ocean, little droplets of sea water touching your face every once in a while is quite refreshing. Loved our stay there, was fabulous with my friend’s family and the barbeques, oh the barbeques.

Two whole days of chilling in the sun with perfectly roasted-grilled food was the head-start we were counting on to drive all the way to Nîmes. After all, if you’re so close to Montpellier, how could you skip that town? The historical city of Montpellier, preserved with its vintage ambience is something one just cannot afford to miss from so close. Plus we had my friend’s aunt living close to the town, in Nîmes. A beautiful little village named Castries, with a lot of cats surprisingly, which I do not mind, cats are fine, dogs are the ones that scare me.

But moving on, Castries, my friend’s aunt’s house was a beautiful little cottage. A wooden cottage with antiques’ decoration, again, a barbecue at the back which made us go, “fantastique” and a little garden in the front with rosemary, thyme & lavender growing. The smell of the herbs did make it quite obvious, it smells amazing, mostly lavender, even outside the house on the street. Our stay there wasn’t for long, another barbecue dinner which I am sure you all must know is great during summers with some absolute pure vintage French wine to go with it. Wow, even talking about it makes me want to go back as soon as I find some time off of work.

Barbecue 1Barbecue

After our lovely, catching-up with everyone, dinner, we headed straight to our hotel down town. It was a reasonable place to catch a good night’s sleep. Anyway, next morning we headed to town. The graffiti all over the town on the walls and streets really caught my eye. Some of them were quite captivating, like this one graffiti on the wall was a 3D painting of a building with huge windows and one of the glasses in the four quarters of a window pane had a light emerging out which actually was a real window. It might not sound as exciting as I found it at that point but you should see the picture, if it is much visible in there, it was quite stunning to see the actual work of art, live.

Graffiti Graffiti 1

Fun day though, great food, roaming around in the city, shopping, window-shopping, enjoying the sun & cool drinks on the go. Ooo, another thing I love about France are those little streets behind massive buildings, which you wouldn’t even expect would be there but when you discover them, it’s like there was a whole little world down this road I didn’t even realize was there. Some of the most authentic restaurants for food we chose were actually in streets such as them. Got the food, did the shopping, time to head back and get ready for a smashing night out. Yes, the night out, had to taste what a night out in France would be like. So, we were back in the hotel till 9pm, when we left for our sea-food dinner followed by a clubbing session in the Australian Café. Now one of my other passions, apart from food & travelling, is music. Following music around, everywhere round the globe is something I intend to do…well, when I can afford to, but it is one of my things in my wish-list which, by the way, also includes a Lamborghini Murciélago and a chopper. LOL