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A nighttime profile shot of the esplanade of L...

A nighttime profile shot of the esplanade of La Défense



Work in Manchester kept me occupied for good one month but somehow I managed to get away, one of the weekends, I just decided I need to go back to France…I need to go see Paris, it sounds like I was dating Paris but well, I am in love with that city so guilty as charged. So, I finally packed up my bags and got into that plane with just one thought, Oh My God, I am going to Paris!!!! LOL Funny as it sounds, it was a little weird to be more excited about the city than for the man who actually was the reason behind the visit. But oh well, as I said, I love Paris, wish I could be there capturing it all in my canvas and eat just bread & cheese without getting worried about bloating up like a balloon.

Anyway, I will always remember that flight though. When the aircraft, on the way to the airport for landing, was flying over the glamorous city of Paris all lit up in twinkling yellow lights, I could see the Eiffel as we flew over the main town to reach Charles De Gaulle. Oh that sight, that first sight of the Eiffel was magnificent. I cannot forget that little moment I had when I thought to myself, this is it, we’re landing in Paris after all, after 22 years of waiting I am finally going to be able to experience why are people so crazy about this city. Well, because everything in Paris is gorgeous.


Late at night, when I arrived, the city looked even more beautiful as it does in the morning. I have always been more of a night owl than a morning person so I think that’s why maybe, to me it always looks more dreamy at night. Driving back to the hotel, I could see the Eiffel twinkling in its little lights, all sparkling up like stars, it did look like the Star of Paris.

It was not supposed to be that long a drive but traffic in Paris made it seem like ages. I did arrive quite late at night and it was already almost midnight but Paris was still wide awake. Those days used to be wonderful, arriving in Paris straight after work on a Friday night, the whole weekend still to go, music on the radio and the city’s lit-up spirit, it automatically would wipe off all the stress I’d have after a long week at work. I sure do miss those days.