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The music in that club was different from what I was expecting, considering the varied crowd, it was leaning more towards the Latin style, which still was enjoyable. I just do not understand Latin or Spanish or Portuguese so I was only dancing to the tunes. The bartenders were quite fun though, suddenly, out of the blue, they all got up on the serving platform and started dancing in such good co-ordination. They seemed to enjoy it and so did we. It was like everyone was a part of the party, quite together sort of feeling. French are very welcoming anyway.

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It was almost during all this when my friend, came to me to tell me that the man in the grey shirt would like to have a dance with you. Honestly, I do not like it when a person approaches you anywhere with a crude comment but it was quite elegant of him to ask me for a dance. He was from Paris itself and was keen to have a dance with me. My friend was sweet enough to be our little interpreter for the time being as he wouldn’t speak good English and I couldn’t speak good French back then. What a pickle that was, but we managed and it led to a formal date the next evening which, I am going to skip forward till the part where we were walking down the moonlight. It was a perfect date, dinner and drinks and a walk down the streets of the moonlit town of Montpellier. We could hear the local musicians playing, like in the background of a movie, while walking down the centre of the plaza close to the fountains.

Our date had to cut short though as I was leaving for Manchester the next morning itself. But he convinced me and took a promise that I shall come to Paris to visit him and fulfil a part of my dream to be in that city, for it’s been long overdue.